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By registering for an account in the “Portal 12 - Formulas” application, you enter into a legally binding agreement with Portal 12 Ltd. Before you start using the app, please take the time to read these Terms of Use carefully. These Terms of Use are important because they govern the relationship between you and us, and accordingly affect your legal rights and obligations.


TERMS OF USE - Portal12

PORTAL 12 EOOD (hereinafter referred to as "Portal 12", "us", "our" or "we") offers a free service with customized features and functions (the "Service") that allows our users ( hereinafter referred to as "You") access text and graphic content - formulas and prayers and other content in the form of articles and tips ("the Content") provided over the Internet through the Service on a compatible device with Internet access.


In order to access our Services, you need an active account in the Portal 12 Formulas application. You must agree to and accept these Terms of Use when you create an account, along with the Privacy Policy that you accept when you register.


All information governing your relationship with Portal 12 is collectively referred to as the "Agreement".


Portal 12 provides the Service according to the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement. You may not use the Service or access or use Content provided through the Service if you do not agree to the Agreement.


The current version of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy can be found on the Portal 12 website:

link2: https://portal12.bg/Privacy-Policy-EN


1. Account Age and Eligibility Limitation


In order to have the right to conclude the Agreement and create an account and use the services of Portal 12, You must:

be at least 13 (thirteen) years of age and/or otherwise authorized and authorized to legally enter into this agreement in the country in which the Service is provided; reside in the country where the Service is available to You; to provide correct personal information when required; agree to abide by the Agreement.


2. The Service


Portal 12 provides a personalized formula and prayer reading service through which you may stream and/or temporarily download (only for offline cached in-app reading) the Content via a compatible device with Internet access. The Service is available through the Portal 12 Application and may only be used for Your personal, non-commercial use in accordance with the Agreement.


To use the Service, you must use a device that meets Portal 12's technical requirements and/or one of Portal 12's business partner platforms on which the Portal 12 Application or other software is installed. The Service may not have the same functionality on all devices and platforms.


Portal 12 regularly updates its application to ensure its security, as well as to update and improve the user experience. For these reasons, Portal 12 may occasionally require you to update to a newer version of the application.


Portal 12 reserves the right to change at any time the technical requirements for the use of the Service and to change, add or remove business partners. Such amendments and changes will be posted on the Portal 12 website.


3. Content Filters


All pre-installed content filters are offered to you as an optional feature. Portal 12 assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or adequacy of these filters and cannot guarantee that they will function to your satisfaction.


4. Intellectual Property Rights


The Service and Content are our property and/or the copyrighted property of our licensors. All trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, domain names, patents, inventions, trade secrets, copyrights, database rights and all other intellectual or industrial property rights (including know-how) with respect to The Service or Content is owned by us or our licensors or companies affiliated with us or our licensors. No element of the Service or Content may be used or otherwise used except as part of the Service offered to you and to the extent expressly permitted under the Agreement. We do not transfer to You any rights (including intellectual property rights) or title in or to the Service or any part thereof, nor do we transfer any such rights or title in or to the Content or any part thereof. Further, Portal 12 shall not be construed as granting you, by implication or otherwise, any license or right to use any trademark displayed on or within the Service or Content.


5. Content and Software License


The content on the Service is continuously developed and updated regularly. Content may be changed, removed or updated without notice.


The Service is configured to allow the use of software for the Service and Content owned or licensed by us. Subject to the terms of the Agreement, Portal 12 hereby grants you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license to access and use the software for the Service and the Content (within the Service only) for your personal non-commercial use via a compatible access device to the internet.


You represent, warrant and agree to ensure that You and/or anyone you allow to access the Service through Your Account will not copy, reproduce, reproduce, modify, adapt, create derivative works, display, publish, distribute, transmit , broadcast, transmit, sell, rent, lease, lend, sublicense or otherwise use for any purpose (commercial or otherwise) any material, Content and/or part or all of the Service (including, without limitation, the display and distribution of the Content, Service and/or other material, through a third party website or otherwise).


You also represent, warrant and agree to ensure that You and/or anyone You allow to access the Service through Your Account will at all times comply with the Agreement and specifically will not; (1) redirect, circumvent or disable any relevant content protection system or digital rights management technology used in the Service; (2) decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise convert any Service into human-readable form; (3) remove any identifying information, copyright or other proprietary notices; or (4) access or use the Service in an illegal or unauthorized manner or in a manner that implies an association with our products, services or brands.


Use of the Services and/or Content in violation of this Section 5 will always be considered a material breach of this Agreement and may give rise to copyright infringement claims.


6. Third Party Content and Links


Portal 12 is not responsible for and does not guarantee the quality or safety of hyperlinks and/or other elements generated by third parties accessible from the Service, our website provided by Portal 12, both within and outside of the Service .


The Service may include, be included in, or be provided in connection with third party services and content. Portal 12 does not control these third-party services or their content, and these services may be subject to separate terms and/or policies. You should carefully read any agreement, terms of use and/or privacy policies that apply to such third party services and/or content.


7. Duration and Termination


Section 7 below will apply unless otherwise stated when registering for the Service.


Portal 12 may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect at any time and without notice if you fail to comply with the Agreement or applicable laws, rules or regulations, or if you use the Service in a fraudulent manner or in a manner that may cause damage to Portal 12 or a third party .


Termination will have no effect on the rights or obligations of the parties under Section 4 (“Intellectual Property Rights”) and (User Generated Content) or other terms of the Agreement, which by their nature survive its termination. Upon expiration or termination of the Agreement for any reason, all licenses shall automatically become unenforceable without further action and shall revert to Portal 12.


8. Rights and Responsibilities of Portal 12


Portal 12 may occasionally contact you. All communications between Portal 12 and you will be in accordance with Portal 12's privacy policy.


We aim to make the Service available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. However, Portal 12 does not guarantee that the Service will always be error-free or uninterrupted. In the event of malfunctions or interruptions in connection with the Service, Portal 12 must be given the opportunity to correct them without this being a breach of the Agreement. Portal 12 also has the right, within reason, to suspend the Service, for example, if necessary to carry out upgrades and maintenance.


Portal 12 has the right to assign all or part of its rights and obligations under the Agreement to third parties. Portal 12 also has the right to engage subcontractors to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement. Any such changes that may affect the processing of your personal data will be made in accordance with Portal 12's Privacy Policy.


Portal 12 may make changes to the Agreement at its sole discretion. When Portal 12 makes material changes to the Agreement that negatively affect the Service, you will be notified, e.g. by sending an email, text message or notification through the Service. Your continued use of the Service will constitute your acceptance of the changes. Therefore, it is important that you read any notice or communication from us carefully.


9. Your Rights and Responsibilities


You may use the Service only for your personal non-commercial use. You may not make the Service and/or Content available and/or accessible to others in any way, whether physically or digitally.


You are responsible for maintaining independent control over Your Account and for preventing unauthorized access to the Service. You agree to comply with any password security requirement and not to disclose your password or other personalized data in connection with your account to anyone while using the Service. If another person is permitted access to the Service under these Terms of Use, You must ensure that the persons who access/use the Services comply in all respects with the terms of this Agreement and You are responsible for any breach of the terms hereof Agreement by such person.


If you are offline from the Service for a period of thirty (30) days or more, Portal 12 may block your access to the Service until you are back online.


It is your responsibility to inform Portal12 of any changes to the data provided by you at registration and/or purchase, especially the email address or phone number with which you created your account.


You are responsible for all user-generated content that you create and share on the Service or on platforms connected to the Service (eg, social media channels) ("User-Generated Content"). You are also responsible for ensuring that you own all rights (including all intellectual property rights) in this regard and that such User Generated Content will comply with the terms of this Agreement and the Portal 12 Community Policy. You have no right share any User Generated Content that is or is at risk of being deemed illegal, offensive, defamatory, harassing, indecent, defamatory, discriminatory, invasive of privacy or a violation of third party rights. You acknowledge and agree that Portal 12 has the right to monitor, review, remove or disable access to any User Generated Content at any time and in Portal 12's sole discretion.


You hereby grant to Portal 12 a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable and sublicensable unlimited right to use, including but not limited to, to host, reproduce, modify, distribute, display and otherwise make publicly available any and all of your User Generated Content in any currently or future medium available for commercial purposes or otherwise, including but not limited to the marketing of Portal 12, the Service, the Content and/or its respective licensors and/or business partners.


You may not assign your rights and obligations under the Agreement unless you have Portal 12's written consent to do so.


You must not use the Service in any manner that causes or is likely to cause the Service to be interrupted, disrupted or impeded in any way, nor use the Service or your device for any illegal or fraudulent purpose.


10. Provision of Service


The service is provided to you according to the Agreement by Portal 12 EOOD, registered in Bulgaria with EIK 203 66 33 44 and with address: Veliko Tarnovo, Chumerna Street 34


11. Contact details


You can contact us through the channels listed below:

Email address: info@portal12.bg ; phone: +359878 24 25 87; +359877 12 77 12

Address: Bulgaria, 5000 Veliko Tarnovo, 11 Alexander Stamboliyski Str.


12. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution


The Agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Bulgaria. The Agreement will not limit consumer protection rights to which you may be entitled under the applicable laws of the country in which you reside, if they conflict with the foregoing.


If you are dissatisfied with the Service, its content, or the Agreement, you may terminate the Service. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Portal 12 shall not be liable for consequential damages. Portal 12 is not responsible for any disruption to your internet access.


In the event of a dispute between you and Portal 12 that cannot be resolved between the parties, the dispute may be referred to the competent General Conciliation Commission within the Bulgarian Consumer Protection Commission, https://kzp.bg/pomiritelna-komisiya . Otherwise, the dispute will be settled by the general court in Bulgaria.


In addition, the European Commission provides an online dispute resolution website designed to help consumers and traders resolve their disputes out of court, available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

These general conditions were adopted on 05.09. 2023 by the manager of Portal 12 EOOD, Tanya Borisova at the company's general meeting and enter into force on the day of their acceptance and signing.


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