Каква е връзката между черните дупки и мозъка - интервю с Тимен Тимев (част 1)

23.05.2016 г.
Добавено от: Борислав Борисов
Интервю на Борислав Борисов (Портал12) с д-р Тимен Тимев - психиатър, учен, невроанатом, физик, писател, драматург и композитор..., по темата за връзката между черните дупки и човешкия мозък, както и за разликата между земната цивилизация и извънземните
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  • Маркъ Аврелий Медиоланъ
    23.06.2019 г., 19:38 ч.
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    Dear Mr. Ge Moll,  

    Less than a month ago, my father, Georgi Popov (composer), found Your interview in Portal 12 and remembered the past years and for You as well. I began to look at you often, and because I have some oratory and philosophical genes, I have committed myself to studying God's creation. I want to thank You personally for continuing to study the masses and i thank to God for your existence!  

    - Marcus Avrelius Mediolanum

  • Stefan Pashov
    19.08.2016 г., 01:27 ч.
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    Leonard Susskind (born 1940). Juan Martín Maldacena (born 1968). Susskind is the old grand master, and Maldacena is the apprentice. Not the other way around as stated in the interview. Susskind started the "Black Hole war" with Hawking as early as 1981.  

  • Johann Ge Moll
    07.06.2016 г., 23:15 ч.
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    I wll give a general answer regarding my question about danger differences between severe fathers of new physic and their flippant contemporary grandsons: This is a different attune on different frequency :  

    The genius fathers of new physic were tuned on angelic Idealism, that percue the tragic earnestness of Quality.  

    The contemporary scientists are tuned already on demonic materialism, that percue the game-playng of Quantity.  

    The Quantity Principle of Gay Numbers tune all of us on the frequency of comedy, and we understand the universe as a Farse, where the world Simulator is a World Gambler. The Quality Principle of Sorrow Concepts tune all of us on the frequency of tragedy, and we understand the universe as a drame, where the creator is unknown Infinite Negativity.  


    The fathers of new physic look concerned, confused by Freedom of Thought ,- being free minds: they were not yet programmed, and, they prefer to be real-authentic, burden by sorrow of knowledge.  

    The contemporary scientists look cheerful: they are already programmed, and they enjoy not to be real, but simulated  

    minds; they prefer the Sansousi of Known before the Anxiety of Unknown. Numbers intoxicate us, but Concepts hold us on ugly sobriety.  


  • Johann Ge Moll
    07.06.2016 г., 21:06 ч.
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    I shall still ask You to think:  

    Way all the above mentioned genuises-fathers of new physics: Planck, Heisenberg, Bohr, Schrodinger, Luis de Broygle,  

    Max Born, J.von Newmann, Calutza, Wigner, J.Ar. Whiller e.c.t.  

    accept Copenhagen Interptetation of Quantum Mechanics, which requires interaction of Human Mind (Consciousness)  

    with matter,  

    but almost all of their new grandsons ,reject Copenhagen Interpteration, (which requires Consciousness -Matter interaction)  

    and conversly accept "Many worlds interpetation "of H. Everett, wihich want to escape from danger difficulties of  

    Consciousness ability to be both ouside of the world and to be entirely world simultaneously, yet pay the immence prize of compulsive burden the universe with trillions and sextalions caricature self-copy ?

  • Johann Ge Moll
    07.06.2016 г., 20:42 ч.
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    Is there a continuity between "Instantaneous mind of matter" (Lebniz) and "very gathered matter of mind"(Lyotard)?  

    One can say: We can imagine a continuity between "Instantaneous mind of matter" and "very gathered mater of mind",  

    where every thing depends on its abilitiy to gather ,assemble and conserve a lot of interactions at once,- as exactly our mind did.  

    And I conclude : Mind is a Matter wihich remembers its ineractins, and Matter is a Mind, which doesn't remembers its interactions.  


    And the Second Argument: Axiome about double status of Consciousness:  

    To be conscious is not to be in time,  

    and to be both; all the times past,present and future." (Ge Moll)  

    That's way Conscousness is both outside of the world, and is the whole world simultaneously.  

    You can ask all of them: Sancara, Plato. Plotinus, Decartes, Kant, Husserl, Sartre, Merlo-Ponty  

    also Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Verner Heisenberg, Ervin Schrodinger, - all the grand fathers of contemporary physics:  

    And especially the sad and sorrowful statement of Heisenberg about theoretical education of his contemporaries:  

    ""Theoretical and phylosophical education of contemporary physists is no more than of authomobil mechnic."  

    e.c.t. And as last , I shall ask You, to think : Way all the genuises- fathers of new physics ( Planck, Heisenberg, Schrodinger ... accept Copenhagen Interpretation  



  • Johann Ge Moll
    07.06.2016 г., 19:42 ч.
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    Dear G L,  


    Voila, Your Methodological mistake, Sir,  


    If You consider our mind as physical structure - and cosquently that a mind belongs to the physical structures of the universe - then You, Sir, from the very beginning rise a wall between human minds comprehension.  


    Mind itself, any mind, not only human mind, by its aptum natum, is not only physically structured, but also is  

    ideal-trans-psychologicaly structured:  

    Mind is both woven by Psyche substance and Physics substance: and exactly that its double status - allow it to has that unique wonderfull behavior: To combine within itself Spitit and Matter: to unify the gratest oppositions of thought: to bild "Thinking matter" and "Matter of thought", and on the virtue of that syo-onthosis to make Knowlegde possible.  

    If a Mind was only pure spirit - it coudn't be knowing matter. If a Mind was only physical matter - it couldn' be acceptor of thought .. In order to be gear of knowlegde A Mind have to be dual omni-represetator.  

    To endow the matter with Memory, and to endow the Memory with perceptual substance.  

    And without that dual essence the Mind wil be not capable to give to mankind knowledge amd knowing.  


    Listen, please, how Jean Francois Lyotard continues and developped Lebniz' thought:  

    "One can consider each material body as Instantaneous mind, but deprived by memory" (Lebniz") To be  






  • G L
    06.06.2016 г., 16:55 ч.
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    Regarding this concrete Leibniz's work – “Interaction by Harmony”.  

    It is a fascinating and curious read, but from scientific point of view there are no evidence to prove most of the statements in it.  

    The work is very outdated and has no relation to modern physics.  

    It would be like quoting the Descartes works on anatomy when speaking about modern medicine.  

    It is nothing more than an odd curiosity from the past.  


    Yes, Leibniz was a great mathematician and physicist, but his philosophy works(as most philosophical works) were pure speculation and had no scientific proof. Neither at the time when they were written, nor in modern day.  


    Also in regards to the listed works, could you please let me know where I can find :  

    Cefficient of Similarity entails coefficient of Memory.  

    Coefficient of Memory entails Mutual Cognition!, ( David Chalmers; Johann Ge Moll)  


    Thank you.

  • G L
    06.06.2016 г., 16:49 ч.
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    Dear M-r Timev (aka Йохан Сол Минор),  


    Could you please provide direct answers to my questions?  


    I have studied some of listed reads (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment, Bell’s theorem and quantum entanglement etc.) during my Quantum Mechanics courses in university and they have nothing to do with star telepathy, whatever this means.  

    On that note, you do not provide an exact definition of “Star telepathy”.  

    Bell’s theorem(for example) has an exact definition. Could you please give an exact definition of “Star telepathy”?  


    From the sources listed by you, I can only speculate that by "telepathy" you refer to Quantum teleportation.  

    In theory quantum teleportation has infinite range, but in order to achieve quantum teleportation, you need to have quantum entanglement first.  

    However the particles of different stars are NOT entangled, therefore the most basic perspective for quantum teleportation is missing.  


    At the moment the longest achieved distance for quantum teleportation is 147 km. There are no interstellar experiments(for obvious reasons).  


    So, in short my questions are:  

    What is the definition of "star telepathy"?  

    How do you measure it? What star telepathy experiments have been done?  


    How do you bring your mind out of the universe to observe it, considering the fact that all parts of our minds physically are part of the universe?

  • Johann Ge Moll
    03.06.2016 г., 05:01 ч.
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    To GL:  


    Dear GL,  


    As your questions show entirely full ignorence regarding a new Physics, in order to acquainte You  

    about your own lacking of knowledge. please, You can start your education with readings:  


    1) Einstein-Podolski -Rosen experiment: "Spooky action by Distance "(Einstein)  


    2) Bell 's Theorem, Bell's Inequalities,  


    3) Quantum Entaglement,  


    4) Quantum Teleportation, first done by Anton Zeillinger, Viena University  


    5) Interaction by Harmony (Leibniz)  

    Interaction by Symmetry, Interaction by Similarity, Interaction by Memory,  

    Interaction by "coefficient of Common" ,Interaction by telepathy.(J.Ge Moll , "The Meaning of Bell Theorem")  

    6) Axioms : Analogical organizations entails analogical behavior, Analogical behavior  

    entails analogical Sensibility, Homeomeric sensibility entails mutual Sensuousness,  

    Cefficient of Similarity entails coefficient of Memory.  

    Coefficient of Memory entails Mutual Cognition!, ( David Chalmers; Johann Ge Moll)

  • G L
    02.06.2016 г., 11:29 ч.
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    Отговор за: http://portal12.bg/Kak-zvezdite-obshtuvat-telepatichno-i-kak-umyt-mozhe-da-e-izvyn-Vselenata-OTGOVORI-.p2595  


    "Бог е извън времето и пространството, ..."  


    Добре, нека за момент да оставим настрана пълната липса на научни аргументи в горното твърдение и да го разгледаме логически.  

    Та нали хората не са богове, следователно свойствата на божествения разум не важат за човешкия?  


    Колкото до статията, в нея няма абсолютно никакви научни аргументи и никакви цитирани изследвания. Отговори на въпросите ми също няма(дори и неподкрепени с доказателства).  


    Ккаво е телепатия при звездите? Как се измерва?  


    При хората под телепатия се разбира предаване на мисли от разтояние.  

    Какво се предполага, че звездите си предават? Как разбираме, че са си го предали?  

    Дори да приемем, че слънцето има информация „Х“, която е предадена на друга звезда, как разбираме и измерваме, че другата звезда е получила тази информация?

  • 28.05.2016 г., 12:40 ч.
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  • Пламен Петков
    26.05.2016 г., 10:05 ч.
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    До GL: Поръзсъждавай върху следния текст и може да си отговориш сам на въпросите:  


    "Бог е извън времето и пространството, но същевременно съдържа в себе си времето и пространството. Той е извън живота, но съдържа в себе си живота. Той е извън съзнанието, но съдържа в себе си съзнанието. Бог създаде всички форми, но той сам няма абсолютно никаква форма. Той е "нищо". Но това "нищо" съдържа всичко в Себе Си. Ограничава се, без да се ограничи. Смалява се, без да се смали. Създава, но никога не се изтощава. Проявява се във всичко, но сам Той не е в проявеното. Уподобяваме Го на Светлина, на Разум - Логос. Но сам по Себе Си Той не е ни Светлина, ни Разум. Светлината, Разумът - това са Неговите прояви."

  • GL
    25.05.2016 г., 14:50 ч.
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    Хора разбирам, че този човек е обаятелен и интересен, но ако наистина искате да развивате душата и ума си, не си губете времето с него.  

    Само подхвърля думи понятия без да се интересува от наука или доказателства.  

    Ще дам само два примера, защото не ми се занимава да обсъждам стотиците измишльотини, които набълва в това интервю.  

    Как и къде е доказал, че звездите общуват телепатично?  

    Какво значи телепатично в смисъл на звезди? Звездите имат ли мисли, за да ги споделят телепатично?  

    Ако можете да ми дадете убедителни научно обосновани отговори на тези въпроси, ще се радвам да науча нещо ново.  


    И друго което ми е интересно да науча в подробности е за примерът, който даде за съвременните физици и в частност Хокинг, че можели да изкарат умът си извън вселената.  

    Как точно можеш да разглеждаш вселената отвън при положение, че всички съставни части на наблюдаващият ум са част от вселената и във физически и във философски смисъл.  

    Всички атоми от които е направен мозъкът на наблюдателя са част от вселената.  

    Всички мисли във въпросния мозък са породени от събития пак вътре в тази вселена.  

    При това положение, как може наблюдателят да наблюдава вселената отвън?  

  • Благовест
    25.05.2016 г., 10:26 ч.
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    Човек, общуващ с най-големите умове в света и позволяващ си да опонира на някои теории, при това българин, ако въобще е човешко същество... но е слязъл при нас в България!

  • Татяна
    24.05.2016 г., 21:07 ч.
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    Гениален българин! Възхищавам се от дълбочината, красотата и всеобхватността на мисълта му!

  • миазма
    24.05.2016 г., 00:48 ч.
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    Нищо ново не ти казва

  • Akbar
    24.05.2016 г., 00:37 ч.
    Този коментар не се показва поради нарушение на правата за ползване на сайта.

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